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Scotch in the fridge

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rdx started a discussion

In a recent interaction with a friend , he told me of an accident which occurred . His servant had kept his scotch bottle in the fridge along with the wines. He claimed that it turned muddy when he took the bottle out . Will the color / viscosity be affected because of storage in a fridge ??

13 years ago

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LeFrog replied

It's hard to find good servants these days ;)

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Andrew replied

yes it can.. many whiskies are now bottled "non-chill filtered", chill filtering removes many of the oils that are normally held in suspension at room temperature. This was done because the whisky would become cloudy as soon as ice was added. Many people (correctly) felt that removing these oils harmed the taste of the whisky so a market developed for "non-chill filtered". They would typically be cloudy right out of the fridge.

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markjedi1 replied

@rdx When the whisky is bottled at less than 46%, you may indeed get this effect. Like @Andrew writes, if the whisky is non-chill filtered, the whisky may go cloudy when cooled (this might also happen when simply adding some cold water or - if you must - ice. Whiskies bottled at 46% ABV or higher will not go cloudy and hence do not need chill filtration.

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Wodha replied

The whisky is still good. The little muddiness you see will go away when the whisky is brought up to room temperature. Just give it a little swirl and you're good to go. I understand cooled drinks for summer, but during these colder months there's no need to store your whisky in the icebox. In fact try a Hot Toddy. Nice after a night out in the cold.

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