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bobsterman91 started a discussion

Hello all, I am looking for a birthday gift. I would like to get my friend a package with various bottles from each region. Does anyone know where i can get this? I was looking for maybe 20cl bottles.


13 years ago

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Whereabouts are you located? There's some great tasting options about the place if you're in the UK -

Master of Malt's "Drinks by the Dram" sets-

masterofmalt.com/tasting-set/… www.masterofmalt.com/dram-sets/

The Whisky Tasting Club's "Regions of Scotland" set-


And The Whisky Exchange has a range of 20cl sets (although at a glance, nothing encompassing all regions in a single set):


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Ah, I don't know much about what's about in the US, sorry. I've heard John Glaser of Compass Box talk of Park Avenue Liquors (www.parkaveliquor.com) - that's probably where I'd start. Drop 'em an email and see what happens!

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@bobsterman91 Diageo used to make a 6-pack of their Classic Malts, but I haven't seen it for quite some time. Glenfiddich makes a 3-pack of their wood finishes that's relatively available, Balvenie has several different 3-packs, and BenRiach does as well. You might be better off picking up a selection of minis from distilleries you like and putting them in a box or basket with some great chocolates.

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WTC replied

ah sorry, didnt read the whole thread, we cant post to the US:(

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bobsterman91 replied

Thanks all, good leads. I'll let you know what i decide.

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