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Serious money for someone in whisky

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Driving home from work tonight I was behind a Lamborghini Urus (price tag £160,000) with a reg plate of wh15 key. Anyway. Presumably somebody related to the whisky industry with a serious income. Thought it might be the owner of a shop called 'hard to find whisky' in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. I brought a bottle of Springbank 12 from them about a year ago and started getting their newsletter with their featured whiskies on (£10,000 bottles of Ardbeg and a £23,000 Macallan featured). It was 6pm so it would tie in with them locking up the shop at 5 and heading home.

Or maybe it was justa rich person who likes whisky so much they decided to advertise it on their number plate.

They were driving like a right bell end too. Maybe they'd been sampling the merchandise!

5 years ago

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