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Shackleton's Whisky - Mackinlay's Rare Old Highland Malt

Breaking The Shackles....

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@AlanjpReview by @Alanjp

14th Oct 2011


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The story is pretty widely known by now about Ernest Shackleton and the whisky he took with him all those years ago on his expedition. And if you're reading this review, there is a good chance you know about this bottle and why/how it was recreated. So I won't waste time going into that!

Anyway as with previous reviews, I like to drink my whisky rather than just collect them. And it was about time I got round to opening this one!

It's another fairly pale whisky to look at, which took me by surprise, for some reason I expected it to look fuller and darker. Anyway on the nose I picked up a very wooden, oaky smell, actually more like an apple tree, with the cooking apples being collected at the time. Odd thought I know!

There were tastes of caramel, butter and almost a sticky toffee pudding type feel to it. The wood made a reappearance as well. It finished quite sharply, but with a sweet and fruity hit that puts a smile on your face.

I would love to have sampled the real thing, but the recreation will have to do! Anyway it's a decent whisky in its own right, and even without the whole Shackleton background it would do well in my opinion.

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sorren commented

This is a whisky with a great story to boot... I was suprised just how good this whisky was, It does open up after 10-20 mins and has a great smokey nose to it, Although i want more of this whisky the 100 pound asking price does put me off buying more... good review though....

9 years ago 0

Alanjp commented

Thanks! And I agree, if the asking price was a bit lower I would probably look at buying more of it, but £100 for a whisky I would like to buy again and drink regularly is a bit out of my range!

9 years ago 0

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