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Shelter Point Echoes of the Hebrides

Three Shelter Points - Part II

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@talexanderReview by @talexander

16th Dec 2020


Shelter Point Echoes of the Hebrides
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  • Brand: Shelter Point
  • ABV: 57.9%

I picked up this bottle at The Strath, an essential liquor store in Victoria BC - this bottling is exclusive to the retailer and The Union Club of BC. A cask-strength single cask, It is distilled (June 2014) from malted BC barley and finished for 11 months in an ex-Islay quarter cask #SF26, yielding only 150 bottles. I purchased the bottle in Feb 2020, though I don't know the bottling year, nor what sort of ask most of the maturation took place in (presumably ex-bourbon).

The colour is a pale gold. On the nose are gentle wafts of peat smoke, quite different from the Smoke Point. Soft vanilla, fresh herbs and croissant - think a bakery with savoury herbal pastries. Water gives it that band-aid note - which is not a bad thing. Lovely and elegant though perhaps a bit too unassuming.

On the palate the power is amped up with a more medicinal profile: sharper peat, with lemon curd, cayenne and Italian parsley. Thin mouthfeel. Grassy. Water really makes a difference though, dialing up the herbs and citrus. Quite delicious!

The finish is smoky, piney, herbal and citrusy. This has a flavour profile that I really like - basically a peated single malt with lots of complexity and character - though like many Shelter Points, I feel like a bit more age would really help here.


BlueNote commented

@talexander I think as the years roll by this distillery is going to produce some exceptional juice. They are already doing all the right things. I've got one of these on hold at the Strath, which I agree, is a very fine outlet for whisky.

3 years ago 0

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