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Bowmore SMWS 3.213 "Fresh, inviting and energetic"

What's wrong with this place!?!

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@TheConscienceReview by @TheConscience

8th Jun 2015


Bowmore SMWS 3.213 "Fresh, inviting and energetic"
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A review for SMWS 3.213 Bowmore 18 yo.

I've never come across a Bowmore that I thought was palatable. I'm sure they're out there, but for me they currently exist only in myth (or in the vicarious experience of others). I was excited to try this one to see if an indie Bowmore might turn the disastrous tide of Bowmores I have experienced, and indeed on first exploration I was pleasantly surprised. My euphoria wore off pretty quickly, though. Within a week the malt had "settled" to its usual disappointing and dreadful self

Nose: certainly fresh and energetic. Sea breeze, citrus, bitter leafy green. Then not so fresh - rotting autumnal vegetation. A wisp of smoke emanating from smouldering rotting vegetation. A portent of ill things to come.

Palate: yup. Chalky spice with mild sweetness and bitter vegetal and herbal notes. Basically, spicy chalk-water with steeped leaves and herbs. Terrible.

Finish: chalky vegetal spice for the finish, with a lingering chalky bitter leafy note. Wretched.

I give up. I assume that Bowmore is capable of producing something that will actually net them a profit, and that my disdain for this malt is because it doesn't suit my palate rather than because of its intrinsically low quality. That said, there was a thread once which asked people to list the worst whiskies they've tried. I tallied the results. Any guesses on which distillery tied with Jura as the worst...?....I'm not alone.

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