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Something special...is it special?

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jojoringo started a discussion

I am buying it as a present for my husband, is this a good one?

11 years ago

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Victor replied

@jojoringo, a clue please...as to what it is that you are buying...???

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Victor replied

@jojoringo, so you want whisky recommendations from scratch...depends on his taste, and what you want to pay...information please? Which whiskies does he already like (or not like), if any? Does he usually like stronger or milder flavour profiles, would you say?

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PMessinger replied

@jojoringo This is a wonderful opportunity you have to chosen for yourself. A special gift is always special. The gift of whisky is the highest time honored gift possible, ok enough with the flattery. First thing is I'm not an expert, just an enthusiast. Second what type of whisky does your husband like. You may want to stay in the range of expressions that will be close, ie does he like peated or unpeated, Speyside or Highland. Once those few considerations are counted for then any good reputable shop can help you. I hope this was helpful, I fear that I may not have been however best of luck to you.

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