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Something to toast Andy Murray with?

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frogstar started a discussion

Was 2am by the time the match finished so will save a celebratory whisky till tonight but any recommendations? For the record it was a Bruichladdich 17 Year Old Fino Sherry I had earlier in the evening. Well done Muzza!

11 years ago

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Wills replied

Ah thx for the info. Wasn't watching at all. But how sick is that? You Brits just keep on rocking since the olympics. Grats ;)

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Wills replied

I am toasting with a nice dram of Macallan 10yo Sherry. Ofc a Scotch to send my congrats to Andy Murray! Cheers

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frogstar replied

I also settled on a glengoyne (from the SMWS) myself...closest distillery to dunblane in my cabinet

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Victor replied

@frogstar, hey something's missing here...what does ANDY like to drink?

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Sroberts86 replied

Andy deosn't drink alcohol. If i remeber correctly he only tried alcohol once or twice and did not like the experience

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