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Springbank 12 Year Old Cask Strength

A different dram every time

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@NozinanReview by @Nozinan

6th Feb 2014


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This bottle replaces my previous batch at just over 54%. I only really started to appreciate it a year after opening, and by the time I had my last dram I was wishing I had a couple more bottles.

This bottle was opened in early to mid January and has been gassed after each pour. This is my fourth or fifth taste. It has been a different dram each time. It started off with a tangy peat kick to it which has mellowed significantly, and (with my limited experience what I believe to be ) the signature spirit characteristics are starting to emerge.

Bear in mind I am recovering from a cold...

Nose: sweet sherry, ocean salt spray, vanilla,?citrus

Palate:mild peat, spice, warm, sweet, if you t your head back while sipping there's almost a menthol component. Nice thick mouth feel.

Finish: sour, salty, dry white wine.

This is a good batch. I will need to get another bottle of this. None available locally but I may have some options out west.

My question: are they discontinuing the 12 YO CS ? This is what I've heard. If so, ........pity.




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Nozinan commented

Haven't been back to this one for a while, but I thought I would give it a go. I need to sort through 1700+ photos and videos from a trip so I needed a cask strength companion...

In reference to the above, I did end up with another bottle (now safely transported to its new home), and confirmed with Springbank that they indeed have no plans to discontinue this product.

Time has been good to this bottle, but it has never reached the heights of my first batch (which I only started to really enjoy over a year after opening (this one may not make it to a year...)

In addition to the above I get a hint of sulfur and I thought maybe a whiff of cocoa on the nose (neat). No citrus this time. Tasting (neat) I still get the peat, and I tried the head tilt thing again and got the menthol. curious.

Water (half a capful to a 20 cc pour) seems to initially dampen the nose entirely so I covered the glencairn for a few minutes...

It's interesting to watch. The air in the glass is warm so the alcohol evaporates but the glass is relatively cool so it condenses and runs down in rivulets...like a still. And a few minutes later it reaches some sort of a steady state...and the glass above the whisky level is dry. Curiouser.

First sniff has mown grass, maybe a hint of silage. A much fuller palate, and a great finish (as above).

This is not a dram for the beginner. probably why when I first tried it, it was not as pleasant (I was 4 months into my malt journey) and why it was better a year later. It has a lot of layers and some smells and tastes you need to develop a taste for....and I have. A to A+

9 years ago 0

talexander commented

Yeah, I love this one...

9 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

Please do explain "the head tilt thing" ?

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

I wish I could. It must have been in reference to another review.

I think essentially I took a sip and tilted my heard back. Maybe that affected my palate and I got the menthol. Sorry, I haven't tried that since and my last 15 CCs ended badly in a shortlived marriage with Amrut peated CS. The spare bottle is waiting, but it may need to wait a long time...

8 years ago 0

Alexsweden commented

No worries. I think this whisky sounds quite spectacular and I'm gunning for it as my next purchase. I'll do a review and be sure to try the whiplash-move for myself!

8 years ago 0

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