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Springbank 16 Local Barley

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KRB80 started a discussion

Good evening, Connosrs. I, along with many others, missed the boat on this release last year due to the crazy hype surrounding it. However, I recently have come across the opportunity to purchase a bottle at retail price. Being the Springbank fanatic that I am, I will probably splurge anyhow but am just a bit leery about being disappointed. Some have said it is the best Springbank they have ever tasted while others were left flat. Par for the course, I suppose.

Anyway, has anyone here tried it yet and is it of the price bump over, say, the 12yr CS, 14yr Fino/Oloroso, Barolo, etc?

6 years ago

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@KRB80 , I haven't had it, so this is just my distillation of things I've read. But the prevailing opinion seems to be that the new Local Barleys (both the 16 and the 11) are:


•Still good though

•Not anything like a close recreation of the old Local Barleys from the days of yore

•Significantly different from each other (the 16 v. the 11), but of comparable quality

•Still worth a spin if you're a big Springbank fan

The only place I've seen a lot of reviews has been on the Reddit scotch board. Here's a 16 v. 11 comparison: reddit.com/r/Scotch/…

And another (kind of): reddit.com/r/Scotch/…

For my sake, I bought an 11 LB when I found it on sale a few weeks ago, but I won't open it until "Springbank Spring Break" next April with my whisky club. At that point, I will in fact do the side-by-side-by-side comparisons with the 12 CS and the 14 Fino like you mentioned, but for now I got nuthin'. I suspect the conclusion will be "they're all good, they'll all quite different, and the Local Barley was the poorest value." C'est la vie!

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KRB80 replied

@MadSingleMalt , thank you for your well thought out and informative reply! I'm probably going to pump the brakes and see if the desire is still burning a few weeks from now. If so, I'll pull the the ripcord. My wallet has been turned into a punching bag as of late!

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@KRB80 & other interested parties: Maybe I'm the only one who missed the boat, but apparently another Local Barley was recently released! A 10-year-old from a mix of bourbon and sherry casks.

Here's the review that caught me eye:


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KRB80 replied

Indeed! I'm just waiting for the small allocation to (hopefully?!) hit my area...

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