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Jonathan started a discussion

I was considering buying a bottle of Springbank 15 (still am). I'm seeing reports online that it Is often sulfured. Does anyone have experience with this one? I'm not particularly sensitive to sulfur, but I recognize it when it is in your face.

What whiskies are NOT sulfured, in general. (Amrut Intermediate Cask doesn't count) Aberlour seems reliable, as does 'farclas, though I've read that even the fabled 15 can be sulfured (not that I can get a bottle off it in M).

The more sherried malt I enjoy, the more sulfur becomes a concern. Thoughts? suggestions?

4 years ago

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This thread might be helpful. connosr.com/sulphured-sulfured-whiskies-wh…

As for Springbank 15, I noticed a very slight spent match note on the nose when I first opened the bottle about 5-6 weeks ago and I was quite nervous. But I had a dram last night and any hint of sulphur is totally gone. It’s an absolutely delightful whisky and I’m glad I have a second bottle. That said, your mileage may vary.

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BlueNote replied

@Jonathan My experience with the 15 is similar to @OdysseusUnbound's. Just a hint of sulphur initially, but not persistent. Having finished the bottle, I concluded that I like the 10 better.

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@BlueNote I also prefer the 10 to the 15. But I think the 10 has fewer sherry casks in the mix whereas the 15 is exclusively ex-Oloroso casks. I tend to favour more ex-bourbon matured whiskies, even if the Sherry casks are “clean”.

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