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Supersonic 7 Year Old 2013 ‘Mach 4’ Blended Malt North Star Spirits

Top Gun

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

31st Mar 2022


Supersonic 7 Year Old 2013 ‘Mach 4’ Blended Malt North Star Spirits
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  • Brand: Supersonic
  • ABV: 60%

Supersonic? Mach 4? Could Iain be a fan of Top Gun? Anyway, this is a blended malt from 2013 that after just over 7 years of maturation on a sherry butt was bottled at 60% (OMG). The butt yielded no less than 716 bottles. That's a lot of bottles!

On the nose I initially get a good portion of freshly polished leather. Yes, the leather interior of a new car, even. In addition, some coffee beans, caramel, beeswax and hazelnuts. Milk chocolate with praline filling. Then some fresh figs and raisins, Café Noir cookies and farmer's butter. Finally, a strange touch that reminds me of burnt rubber, like the tires of a landing plane. Top Gun, after all.

The alcohol is well integrated. It does not bite. Yes, of course you feel it on arrival, what would you have thought? But it's oily, sweet and powerful without really burning. Leather, grape seeds, the zest of an orange. More bitter than sweet, actually. Bittersweet, is that a word? Walnuts, caramel and chewing tobacco. The fig evolves into the dry variety.

The finish is long, but also leaves your mouth completely dry and spicy. Walnut liqueur on the deathbed.

Is this the successor (but much younger) of the Vega? Manny, this was a fine dram. Thanks for the sample.