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Taking the Step to Upper Level Whiskey

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dymmig89 started a discussion

I should be getting my cash back rewards soon and I am thinking about taking a step into the upper echelons of Scotch/Whisky. I would say my budget be around $175. I seem to enjoy Lowlands and then Highlands as my two favorite types. For that price what would you guys recommend? I have only spent $85 at most before so I don't know where to start

12 years ago

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rwbenjey replied

For Lowlands, I would look at an older bottling from Bladnoch, Rosebank, or Auchentoshan 21. For Highlands maybe Glenmorangie 18, Aberfeldy 21, Glengoyne 21, or Old Pulteney 21.

If you can afford to go a little higher, I know you can grab a bottle of or Highland Park 25 or Talisker 25 for close to $205.

A few online shops: www.thewhiskyexchange.com www.masterofmalt.com

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Abunadhman replied

The Highland Park 18yo. is a magnificent Whisky and the sooner you sample its' excellence the sooner your bar will be raised, There aren't enough superlatives for H/P: The balance is superb, the beautifully intergrated shallow cut peat (with lots of roots) gives a degree of sophistication seen in a select few Whiskies and H/P. maintains this quality year in, year out which is no small task. It is an expensive 'drop' but when you have this delicious tasting Whisky in your mouth to savour, when the finish reverberates in a majestic 'echo' of the complete experience you will have taken the next step...and you will smile!

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BlueNote replied

Well said A'bunadhman.

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dymmig89 replied

I love Auchentoshan. I have a local shop here that has over 300 scotches if im not mistaken and will get me anyone that they do not have. So finding these is no issue. I have the Auchentoshan 18 its wonderful so the 21 is a consideration. I also have Highland Park 15 so the 18 is a possibility as well. As for the Bladnoch and Rosebank what would they compare to?

Thanks Dan

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