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Tasting and book signing with Davin DeKergommeaux

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Nelom started a discussion

I only just now learned about this... but Davin DeKergommeaux is holding a whisky tasting and book signing in Hamilton, Ontario on Monday, October 2nd from 7pm to 10pm. Yes, that's tomorrow at the time of writing.

Tickets are $50 and for that you get to listen to whatever Davin has to say, taste some whisky, have some snacks, as well as get a signed copy of the book (the second edition of 'Canadian Whisky: the Portable Expert').

Since I was planning on buying the book anyway and it's $25, I figured it was worth an extra $25 for the other stuff. Could be a fun little evening.

Why am I posting this here? Just in case any fellow local-ish Connosrs would be interested in going as well. I'll be driving from east of Toronto through the city and on to Hamilton, so if anyone is on the way I don't mind picking you up. I'd have room for an additional 3 people.

@Astroke, you're the only one I'm aware of that's right there in Hamilton. Interested in joning me? @Nozinan, @talexander... other Connosrs from the GTA, how about you? Who else is from the GTA? @OdysseusUnbound and @megawatt, I know you're in Ontario... not sure where.

@pudge72, @mcscottydunc, @Mancub... wanna make the drive up from London?

I'm assuming it's too much of a drive for a three hour event for some of the other Ontarians (@paddockjudge, @jasonhambrey...) but the more the merrier I say.

If there's interest, maybe we could meet up in Hamilton beforehand for some dinner or something...

Anyhow, if this sounds like a fun time, you can buy tickets here: www.bruha.com/event/1873

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Nozinan replied

Shouldn't it be The POTABLE expert?

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Nelom replied

@Nozinan relaxed Not sure how you'd go about drinking a book, but sure. Puns are fun. Kinda.

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paddockjudge replied

@Nelom, thanks for the invitation. It is a long and expensive round trip for any of these Southern Ontario visits, but always worth it. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my schedule on short notice.

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Nelom replied

@paddockjudge, I figured as much, but thought I'd @ you just in case. relaxed I'm sure the short notice will prevent most everyone else from attending too. Just thought I'd bring it to folks attention in case they too were unaware.

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Mancub replied

@Nelom Thanks for the heads up and thinking of me. Unfortunately my week is jam packed, don't think there is any way to sneak off for a day. Enjoy the night, looking forward to hearing how it goes and what whisky will be served. Cheers!

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The Hammer is about a 2 hour drive for me and Mondays are impossible anyhow. It would have been a fun event though.

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Nelom replied

... looking forward to hearing how it goes and what whisky will be served.

@Mancub The evening was quite enjoyable, but as far as whiskies served up there wasn't anything too exciting:

  • Forty Creek Copper Pot
  • Pike Creek 10 YO
  • Canadian Club 100% Rye
  • Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
  • Gibson's Finest Bold

All perfectly fine whiskies (and I'd never had the Rum finished version of Pike Creek, so it was nice to give that a try) but as I said nothing super exciting. I wasn't expecting any extraordinary whiskies either, that wasn't the point of the evening, so I had a very nice time. Looking forward to reading the book.

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