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Teeling Single Pot Still 2015 Hand Bottled at the Distillery

Teeling mulled wine

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

19th Mar 2023


Teeling Single Pot Still 2015 Hand Bottled at the Distillery
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Handbottled at the Distillery, that always makes my heart beat a little faster. These are often small (or even large) gems that you can of course only get by visiting the distillery. Or you must be lucky enough to know someone who did. I'm lucky (thank you, Benny). A Teeling Pot Still matured on a former red wine barrel. To be honest, that sounds very interesting (and maybe even a little daunting). Moreover, it is quite high in alcohol! Let’s taste…

What a fantastic nose! Sweet and candy-like on red fruit, gummi cola bottles and Werther's Original, perfectly balanced with the herbal notes of the Pot Still (you know, garden herbs galore). A soft touch of oak that offers a nice support to some more subtle aromas. I'm an instant fan! Adding a drop of water puts the herbal side in the spotlight. Then I get broth and Maggimix herbs. I did not need that.

Also on palate, those coke bottles come right back, supplemented with a considerable stimulus from both the alcohol and the spiciness of the barrel. Cloves, nutmeg, black pepper, licorice... nicely warming. But fortunately, it doesn't drown out the sweet notes. Midpalate it reminds me a bit of mulled wine. And that's no punishment. Oh, did I mention that this whiskey is at almost 61%? Well, you wouldn't say so. It arrives dangerously smoothly. So smooth, that I prefer not to add water to it, but everything for science. Diluted, it loses some strength (doh!), but also some sweetness. It then becomes spicier and even a little drier. I did not need that.

The finish is medium-long, sweet and sour and spicy. Cloves whisper on the deathbed, while the tannin of the red wine barrel is now slowly but surely drying my mouth. Diluted, the finish is longer, but also spicier and drier with even a slightly bitter tip on the deathbed. I did not need that.

Excellent mulled wine... I mean Teeling. Thx, Benny!

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