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Teerenpeli Finnish Single Malt

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thelin79 started a discussion

I have been looking at our neighbours in the east and their single malt called Teerenpeli and was wondering if anyone tried it out? And if so what was your impressions? Quite a young destillery but from what little information I been able to find on my own it seems like its worth a try.

11 years ago

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cowfish replied

I tried it at Whisky Live London a couple of years back and rather liked it - very milky in flavour and body, iirc. Still young but good with it. The folks on the stand were also the friendliest at the show, seemingly constantly surprised by how interested everyone was in their whisky.

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SquidgyAsh replied

Never heard of it, but I'm ALWAYS for trying new whiskies! Bring it ON!!!!!

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Wills replied

@cowfish "seemingly constantly surprised by how interested everyone was in their whisky" great stuff :D

What do you mean with milky?

11 years ago 0

cowfish replied

@Wills This may seem a bit patronising but by 'milky' I mean 'tastes a bit like milk' :) Rather than the creaminess you get with some whiskies this was more like milk - full fat milk, but still milk. Which I remember being quite weird.

Last time I tried to get a bottle it had sold out in the UK, but I think it's reappeared now so hopefully I'll get another taste soon.

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Rantavahti replied

I went to Teerenpeli tasting couple weeks ago and was positively surprised about their small range. I had heard bad things about their best known 8 year old single malt but I liked it. In the tasting I had the chance to try their new make, 3 yrs, 8 yrs and Kaski (6 year old newest product from them).

Here's my reviews: connosr.com/reviews/teerenpeli/… connosr.com/reviews/teerenpeli/…

Review of Kaski coming soon. I think that Kaski was their best one.

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