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The Black Grouse

Canada Day!

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@TheConscienceReview by @TheConscience

3rd Jul 2012


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It's Canada Day weekend, so of course I should be reviewing some fine Canadian whisky. However, I have already reviewed my Canadian single malts, and have only Alberta Premium on hand. Since I cannot yet wrap my head around rye and, therefore, would not be able to produce a valid review, I have decided instead to review The Black Grouse (which, I am told, by Abraham Lincoln himself, is a fine indigenous Canadian bird).

The Black Grouse, as advertised, combines the characteristic sweetness and smoothness of the Famous Grouse with Islay malts for the pleasing addition of smokey, peaty complexity. Lets see then:

Nose: delicate, smooth, subtle smoke and sweet peat intermingle with honey and toffee. There is a slight citric note as well.

Palate: creamy and smooth. It goes from sweet to peat - honey intermingled with delicate peat and a soft smokey texture.

Finish: the sweet-peat palate gives way immediately to a mellow cinnamon spice, itself fading into drying peat.

Ubiquitous, and relatively inexpensive, I was expecting a competent blend. However, I was surprised by its overall quality and flavour profile. It is quite a pleasant sipping whisky with enough complexity to keep one amused...and it's better than Alberta Premium....

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