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The Famous Grouse Sherry Cask Finish

Smoked honey ham

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

19th Feb 2023


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Nose: the first thing I notice is a whiff of smoke. This is no Islay Mist, but definitely something peaty in the mix. Then there is honey, marmalade, and a tangy, salty note. The more I think of it, this reminds me a bit of a smoked honey ham.

Taste: crisp and smoky-sweet. Light bodied with malty sweetness at the tip of the tongue and some sharpness at the back. Also a nice vanilla-citrus components to the taste. A typical blend profile with an extra degree of richness.

Finish: Slight lingering sherry tones and a touch of spice. Short.

Balance: been a few years since I've had a Grouse, so I wasn't expecting that smoky kick. Other than that, a pretty typical blended Scotch with a bit of everything in the flavour and aroma. The sherry finish doesn't stick out here but adds richness and complexity. Wasn't sure at first but in the end I like this one. Certainly more complex and robust than the silky Grant's Sherry Cask Finish, which I also liked.

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Victor commented

@Megawatt thank you for your nicely-written review. It's good that we have reviews of these affordable products.

29 days ago 1Who liked this?

Megawatt commented

@Victor I'm finding a certain appeal in these slightly higher-quality blends. They don't have the same appeal as a single malt but sometimes they do hit the spot.

29 days ago 2Who liked this?

65glenfarclas commented

@Megawatt The way single malt prices have gone recently, I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see a shift to more affordable "higher end" blends.

29 days ago 1Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

As someone who is not a “super taster”, I find most whiskies, single malts and blends included, don’t carry enough flavour for me if they are bottled at 40%.

Often the nose can be nice, but the palate is too watery.

But it’s good to have a quality low proof blend around to introduce new people to whisky.

29 days ago 2Who liked this?

Megawatt commented


I don't disagree, but I think we often fool ourselves into believing that a few extra percentage points of alcohol makes a whisky better, and allow that to influence our purchasing decisions more than it should.

3 days ago 0

Nozinan commented

@Megawatt it’s not the amount of alcohol, it’s the concentration of flavour. An old whisky could be cask strength at 43% but it would have full flavour. When you take something out of the cask at 60% and add water to bring it down to 40%you’re essentially diluting it by 1/3.

2 days ago 0

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