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The Malt Trust Mystery

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spiritsafe started a discussion

So, new to this and hopefully not wasting anybody's time -- but here we go: I have a couple of bottles of Bunnahabhain 37 year old (distilled 1968) and bottled independently by 'The Malt Trust'. No one has heard of The Malt Trust, and there is very, very little that shows up online. I was at Bunnahabhain this past week and they have never heard of them either. I have forwarded the cask numbers to them, and they will be doing some research (they are interested too) -- but I was wondering if anyone in connosr land had heard of The Malt Trust, knew anything about them, etc. I have enjoyed one bottle of the 37 already...it is beautiful -- will be posting proper tasting notes when I open the next bottle in the coming month. But, if anyone has come by The Malt Trust or has any leads on the Bunnahabhain 37 -- please share. Thanks.

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Ridley replied

@spiritsafe Found this article on a whisky mags forum page.

Independent bottler Malt Trust was founded in 2006 by Florida-based Joel Gosler, a former William Grant & Sons USA employee. I tried to get more information online with little luck so Pat McCarthy at the excellent Bayway Liquors put me in touch with Joel directly. Unfortunately, he didn't divulge much more information so all I've got is that David Bromige designed the label. Great. I am sure that is exactly what you were after.

drwhisky.blogspot.com/2009/07/ma ... 9-354.html

Another snippet here


About Kindred Spirits of North America, Inc. Kindred Spirits of North America, Inc. is a beverage import and marketing company with a select portfolio of premium wine and spirit brands. Kindred Spirits is a joint venture between spirits industry veteran Joel Gosler, Williams & Humbert of Spain and The Reformed Spirits Company Group. Its brand portfolio includes: Dry Sack and Dry Sack 15 Year- Old sherry from Spain, Gran Duque de Alba Spanish brandy, Crema de Alba liqueur, Heering Cherry liqueur, Xanté liqueur, Martin Miller’s Gin and Malt Trust Single Barrel Cask Whiskies from Scotland. www.KindredSpiritsUSA.com.


Thursday, March 22, 2007 EX-WILLIAM GRANT EXEC FORMS NEW SPIRITS CO. Former executive vp and national sales manager for William Grant and Sons, Inc, Joel Gosler, is starting a new alcohol beverage import and marketing company entitled Kindred Spirits, Inc. The company is a j-v between Gosler, Bodegas Williams and Humbert, and The Reformed Spirits Group.

The new company’s portfolio includes premium spirits brands Gran Duque D'Alba Brandy and Dry Sack Sherries from Spain, as well as Malt Trust Single Barrel Cask Whiskies from Scotland.


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spiritsafe replied

@Ridley You are a rockstar. I had searched repeatedly for info, and apart from a casual mention here and there in a blog post, I got nothing. I am evidently an idiot when it comes to google, while you are a whizz who were able to get the company link. I will give them a call/send them an email on Tuesday and see what they can tell me about acquiring more of the Bunnahabhain. And, if ever you are in Glasgow, send me a message, and the first dram is on me! Thanks again for your efforts!

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spiritsafe replied

@Donough Okay...So, less mystery and more me being useless at online searches. I am humbled and embarrassed, and will now bury my head in a mound of barley. Thanks for your help. I do take some solace in knowing others were looking and interested as well...but not much. ;)

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