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squidboy007 started a discussion

Are there any Scotch whiskies (or world whiskies) that contain any trace of tobacco aroma? Or even that might strongly compliment smoking a tobacco pipe?

11 years ago

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DaveM replied

You might want to look into the Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve.

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Jason0142 replied

I read somewhere that a cigar goes well with hevaly sherryed whiskys or full body bourbons. What you probably want are whiskys that are stong enough in flavour to not get overpower by the cigar.

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SMC replied

There was an American micro-distiller that made a bourbon with the grains smoked using tobacco leaves. Unfortunately my Google skills are failing me and I can't find it.

I would really look more towards American whiskeys for this flavour. I've also found it in a few rums, mainly Chairmans Reserve and Havana Club.

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cpstecroix replied

Older speyside whiskies sometimes have tobacco and leather notes.

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Ol_Jas replied

This is a little off-topic, but Ralfy on YouTube will tell you how to "peat" a cigar!

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Rigmorole replied

I go in the other direction with cigars. I choose milder whiskies to compliment them. I also love whiskies with coffee flavors (figuratively not literally) to go with cigars.

In fact, The MacTarnahan literally in some cafe Americano is delicious with a cigar. A good sherry also goes excellent with cigars. A delicious whisky with cigars is the Tobermory 15. It is very very sherry intensive. Beyond a sherry bomb. As for red wines with cigars, try the Moxy if you can get it. A bottle in Portland sells for $14 right now, an excellent bargain. Moxy has high tannins but it is not acidic due to a very unique aging process by a very innovative vintner with a good deal of experience. Moxy, lives up to its name. It is very full and rich, perfect with a cigar.

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PeatyZealot replied

@SMC Please let me know when you remember :)

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SMC replied

Alright I did some more digging and I found MBR Black Dog. Looks to be a very young (mostly) corn Kentucky whiskey, with some of the grains smoked over tobacco leaves.

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Pudge72 replied

To my novice nose/palate, George T Stagg (2011) has tobacco and leather notes within the general flavour/aroma profile...

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RoganFox replied

Glenfarclas 17 has some tobacco notes going on.

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