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Tomatin 18 Year Old

Speyside's best kept secret

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@JulesReview by @Jules

17th Jan 2015


Tomatin 18 Year Old
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Tomatin (To-MA-tin, to ryhme with 'satin) let's their Scotch do the talking, ie. no or little budget for marketing/hype, just good craftsmanship.

First impressions: Interesting bottle design - don't think I've seen this type before. Right up is a soft whiff of sherry upon pouring...

Nose: Subtle Sherry & Muscat grapes, some apple & cinnamon, bit of smoke

Palate: Great balance. Hints of honey, oak & some malt - all beneath a really delicious layer of rich cocoa/dark chocolate. Medium sweet, no bitterness.

Finish: Long. Continues the mouth watering dark chocolate theme, with notes of honeyed tea and plenty of malt & oak.

Impressive quality and complexity for such a bargain - this goes for around 65USD / 55EUR and I'd dare say there aren't many better drams available for that kind of money.

It's on a par with the Glendronach 15 Revival in terms of value for money, in my opinion.

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Frost commented

@Jules - good review. I tried this one a few years back and your review makes me want to re-visit

9 years ago 0

Jules commented

@Frost - if you liked the old 40%abv version then you will undoubtedly appreciate this newer 46% un-chill-filtered successor (the pic used here is the old version, the one I have is a different bottle/label design). This is one of those drams that makes you think the seller got his pricing wrong. It's just such good value.

9 years ago 0

Ol_Jas commented

I'm still kicking myself for not buying this when a local mom & pop recently had one odd bottle on the shelf for $38. I thought, "meh, I don't care how cheap it is--I don't really want any Tomatin or anything on the sherried side." Then I started thinking "C'mon! 18 years old! 46% It's gotta be worth $38!" And when I went back, it was gone. Gone! And the clerk had bought it! She cautioned me, "That stuff was expensive!" and I'd bet dollars to donuts that she dumped it into some Coke.

9 years ago 0

Jules commented

@ OlJas - it's a very classy & subtle sherry-ness, not at all like the Glenmo oloroso finishes of today. The ex-sherry cask adds complexity to it, rather than dominating it. And yes - you should of bought that bottle!!! ;-)

9 years ago 0