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Too good to be true.

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beduffboy started a discussion

I've just found an article on the internet saying, the food chain Aldi will be selling a 40yo whisky for under £50. Has anyone else seen this?

12 years ago

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Mantisking replied

Yup, saw that. They're also doing a 24yo for £30.

12 years ago 0

jeanluc replied

I will probably try to get a bottle of the 40 year old, it's worth a go at £50. I live in quite a small town so might be lucky, I wouldn't fancy my chances in London though!

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joshk replied

Wonder if any is going to make it to the US? Google tells me there are a few Aldis within driving distance of me, but I've never heard of them till just now.

12 years ago 0

Mantisking replied

@joshk -- I'd say probably not. They're more than likely going to be bottled at 700mL, as opposed to the U.S. standard of 750mL, and liquor licenses for supermarkets are different in the U.S.

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JeffC replied

Highly unlikely it will be in the US and it would depend on the laws in each state anyway, e.g., in Virginia supermarkets like Aldi can only see beer and wine. Aldi is an unusual store. In Germany and Austria, it is a little downmarket. It is owned by a frugal German family, I believe one or two of the founding brothers recently died. In the US, I think it is still unknown but also aiming a bit downmarket.

The family also acquired the Trader Joes chain in the United States. For this reason alone, Trader Joes might carry this whisky too as I suspect that the two stores may share some aspects of their supply chain. Again though this would depend on a state's laws. In some respects, Aldi is kind of like a downmarket Trader Joes. They both carry a lot of own label brands. I will say that being a German run chain, the Pilsner beer and Riesling wine and other German made products (think Muesli, Quark, chocolate, etc.) are all quite good quality for the price. Alas, Aldi is not very close to me but sometimes when I travel, I will stop at one just to get a few things.

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cowfish replied

I've located my nearest Aldi, all I've got to do now is find out how to actually get there.

I posted my tasting notes of the 24yo [not great] on my blog yesterday and got almost as many hits on it as I usually get in a month. They've certainly got a bit of buzz. The most incoming links - from 2 forums, one about cars and one about caravans... If you want a bottle of the 40 you'll be competing with non-whisky people. That lot are scary... :)

12 years ago 0

Victor replied

Yes, @cowfish, non-whisky people are indeed scary!

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JoeVelo replied

50p is not a whole lot of money if you can't get rid of the idea to test this whisky. But I would let it on the shelves for another thousand years. If it is really 40yo than it must be something that a distillery wants to get rid of. If it was really worth bottling, they would. I don't thing that any distillery has an overstock of 40yo whisky!

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