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Tried some Ledaig and Isle of Jura this w/e!

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brucefraser started a discussion

My brother @hectorfraser took me out for some drams for my upcoming birthday and we tried a couple of nice scotches that were new to us.

I had the Ledaig 15 yo and he had the Isle of Jura. If I recall correctly (I should've made notes then and there) the Ledaig had a wonderfully peaty nose. On the palate it was bold with lots of smoke and salt (you could taste the sea) with a spicy, peppery finish. The Isle of Jura had a much lighter nose with hints of peat and a bit medicinal. On the palate, this dram also had a salty, almost oily feel with very little smoke.

We enjoyed both scotches very much and had a great week-end. Hope you guys had a good one :)

9 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

I got a bottle of Isle of Jura today from my co-workers (for my birthday). And then Piero publishes this shattering review. Ouch... Good thing I didn't pay for it, I guess.

9 years ago 0

Pierre replied

Sorry about that! You never know you might not agree, its all subjective.

9 years ago 0

butephoto replied

Jura is average but Ledaig is not good whisky at all.

9 years ago 0

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