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bobsterman91 started a discussion

I wish i could make it over for the Pure Festival, but I cannot. Anybody know any US whiskey festivals? Preferably SC or the Southeast.

12 years ago

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Kutter replied

@two-bit-cowboy Have you ever been to one of their Extravaganzas ? I am looking to go the one in Boston this fall. Is it nice. The only other one I did was organized by Whisky Guild. In was a cruise called Whisky on the Hudson in New York. Very nice, lots of whiskys (maybe even a bit too much !!). I know they go to Washington or Philadelphia, but I don't think they go more south than this.

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@Kutter We've been to the Denver Extravaganza three of the four years they've done it (missed the first one). They've gone from 85 to 100 whiskies, blends and single malts, in that time. I know some of the venues had more this year, but there were still plenty I hadn't been able to try before. The Diageo rep had a bottle of Port Ellen 30; Laphroaig's Simon Brooking poured some Cairdeas 12 from a few years ago. A wonderful event, and the Brown Palace's chef always outdoes himself with the buffet. Great eats.

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