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US Military and Whisky

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Wodha started a discussion

I wonder what our overseas troops have access to? Are they allowed to drink locally manufactured whiskies or only what they bring along from the USA? And what brands are available on base?

13 years ago

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HarkinsBG replied

I haven't encountered anyone else on here in the US military yet, so here it goes....

I have been to Ramstein Air Base in Germany on the way to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and I have friends who were stationed in the UK and in Japan. If you are stationed at a base in Europe or Japan, you have access to a fair majority of what would be available in the States, and as far as I know you can bring alcohol (not just whisky) on base from out in town. That would mean you would have access to Suntory or Nikka at local prices in Japan and the same for single malts in the UK. In terms of brand availability, I have personally observed Jack Daniel's, Crown Royal, the usual palette of Johnnie Walkers, Chivas Regal, etc. - not the standard fare of an enthusiast.

We've briefly touched the subject in another discussion, but combat zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan are "dry countries", both due to cultural/religious considerations and the firmly held policy barring alcohol consumption while a US service member has direct access to weapons and ammunition. I explained the theoretical possibility of distilling whiskey here in Afghanistan, but I am not in the knowledgeable position to say that local distillation occurs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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