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Walsh Whiskey The Irishman Caribbean Cask Finish

Quality Whiskey Coming From Walsh

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@dloewenReview by @dloewen

8th Jul 2021


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  • Brand: Walsh Whiskey
  • ABV: 46%

I've come to expect good things from Walsh Distillery in Carlow Ireland. The standard offerings coming from them under the name Writer's Tears are all good in their respective categories. This is the first Irishman that I've tried, and getting it on clearance helped my decision. Boy am I glad that I took a flyer on this one! Irish whiskey (as a category) has a way of often leaving me wanting. It is often clean, subtle, delicate, and...well, boring.

This one however, happens to be delicate, subtle, and somehow engaging! It is presented in natural colour at 46% ABV. This is a blend of aged Single Malt with Single Pot Still whiskey. Then it is left to marry an additional six months in Saint Lucia rum casks from Chairman's Reserve. The combination of bourbon oak and sweet rum is touted to deliver tropical fruit and vibrant spices. I'm pretty awful at picking out tasting notes in Irish whiskey but let's hold their feet to the fire and see what we get...

NOSE: First thing was the molasses of the rum, like baked brown sugar. Baking spices follow, kind of like the crust on a pie with a crumble top. Underpinning this is strong zesty fruits like kiwi and mango. Tropical fruits? Check. Vibrant Spices? Check.

PALATE: There are no big differences here. The palate follows the shape of the nose in a predictable yet entertaining fashion. Wait, there is something here that really enthrals me...almost like a touch of peat that made it's way into the batch...but no, I'm sure it's not that. It's a great earthy/grassy quality here that I really like.

FINISH: Long and sweet.

Having worked my way through this bottle over the last year, I wouldn't hesitate to pick up another release in this line. I've been very happy with it at every tasting. It has gone up against a myriad of other Irish whiskies and fares well at each showing. One of my other Irish staples is Redbreast, but I'd give this one an edge by a couple marks.


OdysseusUnbound commented

I’d love to try this one. I’m a big fan of St Lucia/Chairman’s Reserve. They don’t adulterate their rums and they tend to be quite “molasses-forward”. It’s unapologetic “rummy” rum. I imagine it would marry well with clean Irish whiskey. Thanks for your review.

6 months ago 1Who liked this?

Astroke commented

Have you tried The Irishman 17 Sherry cask?

6 months ago 0

dloewen commented

No, haven't tried it...our selection here is quite limited, have you?

6 months ago 0

Astroke commented

@dloewen Yes, a sample. Have an unopened bottle as well. One of the best Irish whiskies I have had. Not that I have had that many. It was available at the LCBO but seriously overpriced so mine was procured out west for about 80% less

5 months ago 0

dloewen commented

@Astroke I got this bottle of rum finished Irishman at the LCBO for a clearance price just under $70. At this price I feel like it was worth it. Regular price would probably see me walking it by...that being said, I'm hoping to get more at some point.

5 months ago 0

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