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vanPelt started a discussion

A few months ago, I informed another member (on this "Wall" forum) that the correct way to get an "unlisted" whisky (the Ealanta) on this website was to use the "Suggest a Whisky" link at the bottom of this page. I hope I was not wrong: Can anyone confirm that this was true and that they have seen it work?

As an example, I submitted the Glenmorangie Artein (a 2012 release) a while ago, but it still does not appear as a "real bottle" on this website. Interestingly, if it DID appear, then it would rate among the "Top 10" whiskies, because its average score is 92, from 6 reviews.

10 years ago

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Victor replied

Talk to the administrator, @Jean-Luc, or support@connosr.com. There is some kind of critical mass of number of ratings required for a whisky to list in the Top 50 Rated. There are many which rate very highly which are not included for this reason. I am not sure whether getting it 'listed' in the product pages is sufficient to get it qualified for the Top 50 Rated either. Talk to Jean-Luc.

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jeanluc replied

Hi @vanPelt, you are right to highlight this as the current system is not ideal. A significant update to Connosr is on the horizon which will address this and other known issues.

We'll be posting more about this as soon as we can.

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