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Website search -- something wrong?

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vanPelt started a discussion

I've mentioned it offhandedly before, but nobody else has concurred: Is the website search working? I can't really be the only one seeing a problem on @Connosr.... I keep searching for bottles (uncategorized ones, of which there are many), and I always get the message:

"Oops! Search is currently unavailable, please pop back soon..."

For example, I just searched for "Laimrig" (a bottle I have ordered now!). Two reviews pop up by the search-bar, also with an alleged option to see "Show all 5". But I can never actually see these 5. There's a lot of good stuff on this website, but it's frustrating to feel unable access it!

So can someone agree---- OR else tell me I have the wrong browser or something? Thanks!

10 years ago

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hunggar replied

It happens to me too. If you do a search and press enter you get the "oops" message. The only way it works is if you click on a specific link that rolls out underneath the search bar.

If I'm looking for a review I can access the one or two that are shown in the rollout, But if I want to see more reviews for that bottle the "show all" option in the rollout also gives the the "oops" message. A bit frustrating.

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vanPelt replied

Thanks @hunggar for confirming. Is there anyone else who has found a method around this? @Jean-Luc ?

I actually can offer one "solution" I just tried--- If you go on Google and type "connosr laimrig" (for example), then I can actually see most of the hits! But it's of course not the most convenient (and of course I don't know whether it can find everything...).

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