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Wedding present for my future husband

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mochamoo started a discussion

My other half loves whisky, so I want to get him a special bottle as a present for on wedding day. I have about £100-£150 He drinks 12yrs Glenmorangie, bunnahabhain, talisker and glenfiddich.

Would really love some suggestions as I am clueless with whiskey.

12 years ago

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valuewhisky replied

It'd be hard to go wrong with one of those distillery's more expensive expressions. Although Talisker is great, I don't know if you want your hubby to have "peat-breath" on your wedding day ;-)

Glenmorangie Signet would be a good choice: www.thewhiskyexchange.com/P-2516.aspx (114 pounds)

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ganagati replied

How about Glenfiddich's Snow Phoenix? It's a cool story, limited run, and one could loosely draw some symbolism between the birth of the phoenix and the birth of your lives as a married couple.

It may be difficult to find, but there are a few bottles out there to be had and those are within your price range.

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Victor replied

I second both the Signet and the Snow Phoenix, and add Balvenie 21 Year Old Portwood and Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX as suggestions.

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Abunadhman replied

The Whisky Shop in York had several different bottlings of Port Ellen incl. a sensational 22yo. in a couple of different strengths: I was fortunate to be given one at 60.2abv in the 700ml. bot. There is (was) a 5ooml. bot. as well - This is old information but they had quite a lot of Port Ellen incl. a 23yo. in their own bottles. The Port Ellen is certainly memorable.

If my wife remembers correctly, Berry Bros. & Rudd London had some too.

Good Luck.

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maltster replied

There are some very nice Whiskys recommended here but I would go for something more special - you could get your husband a Talisker 10 (older bottle distilled in the 70´s) - these Taliskers are in your budget and really sublime - go for pre-classic Malts or split-Label bottles. You could currently find a bottle of old Talisker 10 at Loch Fyne Whiskies for 150,- and and some Retailers abroad also have old Talisker (Kupsch Whisky in Germany - specialized in Talisker) and they are a bit cheaper.

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maltster replied

Another suggestion of an underrated Distillery - Caol Ila 30 from an new independent bottler called "malt barn" which you could buy at Whiskybase for 150,- - it´s excellent stuff from malt maniac Martin Diekmann who is the founder of the maltbarn. I had a sample and it is really a stunner...

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maltster replied

Another really outstanding malt came to my mind - the "new" 21 year old Highland Park with 47,5% strength (100,-) : this is really outstanding Whisky and one of the best Highland Park Whiskys ever...

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SquidgyAsh replied

I own Snow Phoenix which is absolutely brilliant and hard to go wrong by. You can find it at The Whisky Barrel for around 150 pounds thewhiskybarrel.com/pr/931/….

The Glenmorangie Sonnalta PX and Balvenie 21 yr old Portwood are also absolutely brilliant whiskies.

Like Abunadhman suggested a Port Ellen or a Rosebank or anything else from one of the closed distilleries such as Brora could be an AWESOME special wedding gift.

My wife almost never buys me whisky, only does it for special occasions, but when I get them, those bottles are the ones I treasure more then pretty much any other possession that I have. Whatever you get him I'm sure he'll love and treasure.

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mochamoo replied

Thank you everyone for your responses I really appreciate it. I have just purchased the Snow Phoenix as I loved the story behind it and it was suggested a few times on here.

Thank you everyone

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