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Westland Distillery American Single Malt - Peated

These Violent Delights, Have Violent Ends.

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31st Mar 2020


Westland Distillery American Single Malt - Peated
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  • Brand: Westland Distillery
  • ABV: 46%

I have been interested by Westland for a long time, the work ethic of their head distiller is quite interesting, he comes from a brewing background and seems to be a bit of nerd when it comes to the details and this is applied in their production. Their standard single malt is made from a grain bill of 5 different malts, some of which are rarely used in whisky making (although that is changing) like the brown and darker chocolate malts. They use saison yeast for their high fruity ester production and long fermentation times.

This is their standard peated expression, from what I gander they vat together a heavily peated whisky (made from peated and brewer's malt) with their non peated in order to produced a balanced profile.

This was a 200ml bottle that was part of a set of 3 but I was able to purchase it separately.

Nose: Fruity, yeasty, cake batter, stone fruits, light smoke, peppery, very malty, with time it gets a bit greasy (engine oil) a little newspaper ink & lanolin. The middle of the nose is very fruity lots of esthery notes

Palate: Smoky, ozone, peppery peat, some juniper or cologne notes, toffee, a good dose of oak tannins. Rather sharp and zippy despite the low abv. Aspirin tablets

Finish: Finishes on grains/malt cereals, a bit of coffee, cafe late type notes.

Blab: Thin mouthfeel, you lose a lot of flavour as it washes down fast. There's glimmers of interesting things happening that super fruity nose and the grimey things developing on the edges but I think this could use a few years more or a few notches more on the abv.

A good young malt but I will pass on more Westland unless I can get one of their special editions or single casks.