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What are the Balvenie 17 Bottles Going For?

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propstm started a discussion

I've recently found a few places that have the Balvenie 17 Rum Cask priced at $125. I've read a few reviews dated over a year ago stating that they paid around $100 for a bottle and I'm wondering what the going price is these days? I'd also like to track down the Balvenie 17 Madeira Cask but I hope I don't get sticker shock when I finally find it.

12 years ago

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OCeallaigh replied

The retailor by me sells the Balvenie 17 Peated Cask and I have wanted it for some time, it's selling for about $115.00 USD.

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Mantisking replied

The best prices in my area are $129.99 for the Peated and $144.99 for the Madeira.

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Victor replied

@propstm, until Nov 29, Montgomery County, Maryland will sell you a bottle for $ 93.73, including tax. No, they will not ship. I was looking at bottles of it on the shelf today.

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Victor replied

That was for the Madeira Cask. I don't think that the Rum Cask is in stock.

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cowfish replied

The Rum cask 17yo is discontinued now, as far as I know - we sold our last bottles at TWE this time last year. The Madeira cask is similarly gone, I think, and the last of that went at the beginning of this year.

We were doing them for about $110 while we had them, so I'd say that $125 is pretty good if you can find it. $93.74 sounds very good :)

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lmann86 replied

look an eBay. You can get Balvenie 17 bottles for less than $100. In some cases as low as $80

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MFish85 replied

I paid about $100 for the Rum Cask last year. One of the retailers here has the Peated and the Madiera cask and wants $120 for each.

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