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What the Heck, Amrut?

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Nozinan started a discussion

I went to the Amrut website this evening because I heard a rumour somewhere of an Amrut experiment (à la Naarangi) that included espresso beans. I didn't see anything about that but as I perused the expressions I found a few I didn't recognize, and noted they were low ABV (40% and just over 42%). Then I saw these, and I was frankly shocked and horrified.

Looking closely, I was able to make out that not only was it true that Intermediate Sherry was going "travel retail" - it says so on the box - but the ABV has been cut to 46%!

Then I checked out the Portonova and while I couldn't get a clear view of the ABV, the first digit looks suspiciously like a 4.

Is this some kind of Zombie apocalypse Hallowe'en stunt?

It was the official site. This confirms my worst fears - IS and Portonova as we know and love them will no longer be available at ANY PRICE.

If this is something you like, get it while (IF) you still can...

3 months ago

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Frost replied

Hi @Nozinan,

I believe you may be referring to these coffee beans roasted and aged in ex-Amrut whisky barrels:


As for those new bottles with lower ABV, come on Amrut, I expected more from you than that.

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Victor replied

@Nozinan the Horror! The Horror! This is why you never assume that something that you like will remain available. The whisk(e)y landscape is constantly changing. Assume nothing.

Why would Amrut do this, reduce ABVs? My guess is to up their volume of output. Maybe they will ramp up production and later decide that they can bring back some of these Cask Strength favourites. Maybe, if we are lucky. I am not holding my breath.

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Nozinan replied

I sent a message to the distillery and had a reply by none other than Ashok Chockalingham.

I’ve screen grabbed it for you.

I don’t know how I feel about the answer. While I don’t go through a lot of these bottles, it’s uncomfortable knowing I can’t replace the ones I use, and the possibility of the return... will it be the same?

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BlueNote replied

@Nozinan FORO rearing its ugly head? I would take his response as encouraging. It appears he is prepared to listen to the concerns of his customers.

3 months ago 0

Jonathan replied

Perhaps this will only affect the duty free version?

3 months ago 0

SKEPTIC replied

@Jonathan The only version is DF now -IS has gone Travel Retail.

It's like the Armstrong Bladnochs - if you 'aint got em, you 'aint gonna get em.

If you seem.... grab em.

3 months ago 0

RikS replied

@Nozinan the espresso bean variety coming soon was from me, and i was told by the Amrut representative at the London whisky fair so I’d say its pretty credible. Glad I stocked up a bit on IS and also have an unopened Port now... though, maybe the introduction of a travel retail doesn’t necessarily mean abolition of the normal expression?

3 months ago 0

Nozinan replied

@RikS The original bottlings no longer appear on their website, and Ashok confirmed that they dropped the ABV. The old IS and Portonova are no more.

I have a few but I will always worry about not having enough. It's the Macallan CS all over again.

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RikS replied

@Nozinan well, it will be a sweet and powerful memory then

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KRB80 replied

Oh, damn!!! Thanks for the heads up @Nozinan. IS is probably my favorite sherry bomb I've had to date along with the Glendronach 18 which is priced a lot higher. I'm typically not big on 'em but the IS is special and quite unique. Looks like I'm gonna have to snatch up any remaining bottles that are left around these parts.

I've yet to try the Portnova though.

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Misty replied

The was made public in October 2018 on the TWE blog.I brought 6 bottles then and I am happy I did.

They are not quite as good as the first batch I tried though. The newer releases are a little thinner in mouth feel and are missing that heavy syrupy texture from the earlier releases. Still a lovely dram. Gonna be missed.

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