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What to do w the Empties

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JayRain started a discussion

Transparently have OCDish tendencies (although my thinking is that most people on this site would have similar characteristics - it is a common attribute of a collector) so am hesitant to throw away the empty whiskey boxes/bottles.

While still determining where to place them (out of sight is out of mind so what is the point), they currently are trim along the dining room floor (amongst rum, gin, tequila and cognac bottles as well). The other, if not better, half rightfully takes issue with this approach and consistently threatens to throw them out in the blue box.

Looking at some of the detail that these boxes are designed with and using them empties as a memory trigger, I am hesitant to discard. So my two part question is 1) Do you keep the empty bottles? and 2) If you do, where do you store them?

thanks in advance for your comments and thanks to the missus for her patience..jr

10 years ago

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bwmccoy replied

@JayRain - I've saved a few empty bottles (and to a lesser degree some of the packaging) from bottles that have special memories attached for future display. Right now, they are stored in the garage. Hopefully, our next house will have a space for me to have a whisky room (w/ bar) for proper display. (Fortunately, my lovely wife fully supports this.)

Another idea; After having dinner at a friends house who did this, I started saving some of the more unique clear glass bottles (Springbank, Aberlour, Highland Park, etc.) that do not have sentimental status, removed all labels and use them for water bottles. They look great sitting on the table when friends or family come over for dinner and they are functional allowing guests to refill their water glasses without having to get up from the table.

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Uisgebetha replied

I reuse whisky bottles for home made beverages like sloe gin and limoncello. I do save some of the more attractive boxes/tubes as they can be reused for storing whisky supplied without a container. This can lead to confusion though...

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sengjc replied

I keep some bottles for decanters. The small bottles are particularly handy to transfer half finished bottles into to maximise shelf space and slow down oxidation.

My wife uses some as vases.

The water carafe idea is good too.

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JayRain replied

@sengjc Like the decanter idea and starting to see it more and more at the trendy restaurants in downtown Toronto

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AdamH replied

Interesting discussion. My collection so far is quite small and I don't have too many memorable, prized or unique bottles - save for the A'Bunadh. But I've wondered if anyone's constructed model ships inside whisky bottles. The A'Bunadh in particular is wide enough to accommodate a good size model.

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I like to hang on to noteworthy or otherwise memorable bottles, particularly if they're something that I know I'll never replace. I just stash them in an empty kitchen cupboard at the moment... I call it my 'graveyard.'

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tjb replied

@JayRain I have a similar issue so I have now used some of them for Olive Oils. Garlic, Chilli, Rosemary, etc. These are in the kitchen, look great and are fantastic for cooking. Some I use for my home made plum brandy, Damson brandy, Elderberry liqueur and sloe gin. All the rest of my empties get culled every now and again based on no specific criteria other than appearance and nostalgia.

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JayRain replied

@tjb out of curiousity, where do you keep the empties?

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JayRain replied

@HeartlessNinny a logical choice but then out of sight, out of mind applies.

building a bar and storing the empties underneath seems the best way to go.

thanks to all for their thoughts - at a minimum, it is some leverage w the Mrs (particularly the use of a vase (thanks sengjc)

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