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What's in my blend?

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Robert99 started a discussion

Sometime we know which whiskies entered in a blend sometime we don't. I think it would be great to have a place to find the composition of different blends. And if we can associate some notes to some whiskies it would be fantastic. So please, tell us what is in your favorite blend.

9 years ago

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Benancio replied

@Robert99 Johnnie Walker Green 15 year old vatted Scotch.

Four signature malts provide the key taste influences for this 15-year-old whisky. TALISKER introduces power and depth of character, CAOL ILA contributes mystery and intensity, and at its heart CRAGGANMORE provides a sweet maltiness, while LINKWOOD adds a final touch of finesse.

That's off the bottle.

I'm guessing most Blends are some type of secrete, they will never tell.

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Robert99 replied

@ Benancio Great start! Thank you for the info. I was (maybe I still am) kind of a single malt snob, thinking that blends are either boring or over priced. That is why I never had JW Green even if it is the one that a was curious about. Now, I am even more curious.

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Alexsweden replied

I think that I read on this very site that the naked grouse its a blend of highland park and macallan. My guess is that the maturation is not too lengthy but it's an affordable dram with quality quite beyond it's pricetag.

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Fiberfar replied

The standard bottling of Big Peat contains malt whiskies from Coal Ila, Bowmore, Ardbeg and Port Ellen. Not sure about the Christmas edition (although I'm planning on getting a bottle!), but it is probably the same?

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YakLord replied

Favourite Blends so far -

Blended Malts - JW Green (sadly no longer available in Canada and elsewhere), Compass Box Spice Tree and Compass Box Peat Monster.

Blended Scotch - Compass Box Asyla and Te Bheag

In most of the above, the companies responsible have been willing to disclose where the whiskies have been sourced from (although maybe not the exact ratio of the blend).

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Nozinan replied


Big Peat has always had Port Ellen, but the online "wisdom" is that it's essentially an eye dropper full now compared to the other malts in the bottle, because of the scarcity and value of unblinded port Ellen. But it's likely the only way a drop of that distillery will ever cross my lips.... (Although I did try a dram of JW Blue once, so maybe...)

The holiday edition has the same ingredients minus one.....water. The not so secret ingredient in all whiskies that are diluted, and why I prefer my whiskies at cask strength or near to it.

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BlueNote replied

@Robert99. I'm sure you know this, but just to remind everyone that there is a huge difference between a blended Scotch whisky (JW Red, Teacher's Highland Cream, J & B Rare etc.) and a Malt Bend, Blended Malt, Vatted Malt or whatever we are calling it now ( JW Green, Big Peat, Compass Box Flaming Heart etc). The difference being no grain alcohol in the latter and usually lots in the former.

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Nice topic. Let my give you my input: Johnny Walker Gold Label has Clynelish 18 yo for a big part in it. Chivas Regal has Longmorn and Stratisla in it (all three a owned by Pernod Ricard).

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