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Which Bourbon Distillery to visit?

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MacBaker62 started a discussion

My family will be driving through the Louisville KY area on our way to our summer vacation, and passing back through a week later on our way back home. We won't have more than a few hours each time, and will only be able to visit a couple of distilleries. Can anyone recommend which are the best, or your personal favorites to visit? Right now I'm leaning towards Maker's Mark, and Buffalo Trace, but I am open to hearing other opinions before setting anything in stone.

11 years ago

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JJBriggs replied

The Four Roses and Woodford Reserve locations have a good experience to offer. I'd say go to ALL of them, but we cant always get what we want.

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Bourbondork replied

JJ's recommendation of Woodford Reserve is a good one. Four Roses distillery is a spanish style architecture and the is very nice as well. The BT hard hat tour is cool and worth seeing. I've been to most and each one offers something interesting and/or unique.

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MacBaker62 replied

We managed to fit in three distillery visits to our brief travel plans through The Bourbon Whiskey Trail. We visited The Maker's Mark Distillery, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, and Four Roses. Maker's Mark has the best tour, and getting to dip your own bottles in that famous red wax was a real treat! Maker's Mark shares the award with Four Roses for best looking distillery and grounds. Skip Wild Turkey (in our opinion), it's too new, too automated, and rather boring overall. Buffalo Trace may not be quite as pretty as Four Roses, or as charming as Maker's Mark, but the tour and wide range of fine Bourbons is worth the visit!

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