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SquidgyAsh started a discussion

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a difficult decision right now. This Tuesday I finally get paid and will have a little extra left over to splurge on a couple of bottles of whisky. The goal is to stay as close to $100 AUS as I can. I've already decided to grab Talisker 10 yr old which my wife and I just recently tried and enjoyed for $65 AUS which leaves roughly $35 bucks left to spend.

The choice is this I've found 2 bottles at the local liquor store that have my interest. My wife and I haven't tried either of them. They are Johnnie Walker Black Label and Bulleit Bourbon.

My wife and I both enjoy Speysides for the most part and I'm a bourbon boy through and through. Both bottles are only a couple of bucks different in price so with those two choices which would you choose?


12 years ago

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JoeVelo replied

I had both of them and they are very good choices !@SquidgyAsh The Bulleit is a very good bourbon (my favorite so far). A lot of spices from the rye and the smoothness of the wheat content. Almost silky. I would highly recommend you the Bulleit 95 Rye, it is a notch better. The JW Black is a staple blend for me. I used to buy the Red for an everyday dram but it has been replaced by the Black. Just the smoky edge it needs. Bulleit for the spice and JW for the light smoke.

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Victor replied

I like them both, too. They are for totally different moods, though. Sounds to me like you are ready for the contrast of a bourbon.

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Mountrain replied

@SquidgyAsh Easy,Bulleit Bourbon

Next time your buying try a Glenfarclas 10 year old. If your short on cash you could always get out some Drambuie and make some rusty nails.

To me Johnny Walker is what you grab if can't get a single malt.

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Mountrain replied


If you have to go for a blended go for Chivas Regal 18 year old Squidgy

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maltster replied

The Talisker is a classy malt with lots to offer - good choice. The JW Black Label is a very good blend with a hint of smoke and actually one of my favourites (it is said to contain Talisker, Glendullan, Mortlach, Cameron Bridge Grain and various other Malts&Grains) but the Bulleit offers a very different experience compared to the Talisker so I would opt for the bourbon to get more variety (the connecting element between the Bulleit and the Talisker would be the spicy/peppery kick).

Enjoy your Tuesday Dram...

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Shrike replied

@SquidgyAsh I havent had the Bulleit, but thats what I would choose - you dont want to two smokey whiskies when one is amazing (Talisker) and the other just isnt in the same league. Although if you are just getting a bonus bottle, I think you should grab a bottle of Jameson (12 y/o if they have it cheap). Its usually 1L as well so its good value for money

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SquidgyAsh replied

Thanks everyone for your suggestions!! I'm going to be grabbing Bulleit Bourbon :D Like I said I'm a bourbon man and it sounds like JW Black is a lesser quality bottle of Talisker in type of whisky. I'm going to opt for the different experience of my bourbon :D I'll be posting reviews sometime after Tuesday night!

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@SquidgyAsh and @Mountrain - I think you guys might be quite surprised at how much you liked Johnnie Walker Black Label if you were given it in a blind tasting lineup - yes it's ubiquitous, but it's a product that's been around since the 1860s. If a single malt is a solo violin, the blend is an orchestra - and each has its strengths and its place.

@SquidgyAsh If you're interested in going a little off-piste, it's worth singing up for Graham's newsletter at theoddwhiskycoy.com.au - he's often got some really interesting stuff at decent prices (and better even for "members").

But in answer to the question, out of those two I'd recommend trying the Bulleit, or maybe stump up a couple of extra bucks for the JW Double Black - interesting comparison exercise against the Black.

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