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wibcasto started a discussion

Has anyone else heard about this? It seems like a really innovative idea.


14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

Sounds interesting, but a minimum investment of about $5,000 seems a bit too much for most mortal beings, no? You would need to go down the 'barrel-sharing' road and then you fast lose the 'personal' touch, imho. It would also be interesting only if you live in the US and preferably near the 'distillery' (visitation rights are useless if you live in Belgium like me). All in all, I think I would prefer to spend my five grand on existing top quality whisk(e)y. But each his own, I guess.

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LeFrog replied

Hmm, just thinking what whisky delights a $5000 dollar budget could be spent on :)

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AboutChoice replied

Hmmm ... sounds like one way to get your hands on some rare old whisky. Order it today, and then pick up your 100 bottles in 50 years, after you retire. Sounds like a best-buy to me!

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