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Whiskey ideas?! Please help!

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Purdey1980 started a discussion

I want to buy my husband a bottle of whiskey to celebrate the birth of our first child. He was born on 15th september 2011. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking a bottle for now to wet the babys head and one that he could keep for our sons 18th birthday?!

12 years ago

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jeanluc replied

Also, is he a regular whisky drinker?

And if so, do you know any brands he has enjoyed in the past?

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Purdey1980 replied

My budget is around £100 but I'm flexible as I don't really know what I'm buying. And as for brands he likes I'm not sure, he's only recently required the taste!

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What a thoughtful gift. Terrific.

I suggest Bruichladdich's The Laddie Ten. In itself, it's a celebration of the birth (rebirth I guess would be more appropriate) of the modern Bruichladdich distillery. The Laddie Ten was released on 11th September 2011, not the exact day of your son's birth but as close as any I know.

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jeanluc replied

Ooh, I like working with a budget :)

Highland Park 18 Year Old might be a nice one to keep for his 18th birthday, a great whisky available for under £60 here in the UK. See the reviews here: connosr.com/whisky/island/…

For drinking now, why not surprise your husband with a Japanese whisky? Hibiki 12 Year Old is sensational whisky (part-matured in plum liqueur casks) and it comes in a beautiful bottle, that is around £45. connosr.com/whisky/japanese/…

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Abunadhman replied

@Jean-Luc, +1 What he said. A great reply!

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Mantisking replied

@two-bit-cowboy -- Ditto. I think that's a great idea.

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Purdey1980 replied

Excellent! Thank you so much for your help, I will go and find the bottles you've suggested. I especially like the idea of the Suntory Hibiki. I will keep you posted on how much he enjoys it. :~)

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