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Whisky as aftershave.

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Eirikur started a discussion

Sometimes I love to exit the frame .. !

I went out last night with the work team and wanted to make an experiment. Instead of using aftershave after shaving I used Whisky. It took me a while to decide what Whisky to select .. I decided that a heavy aroma Whisky would probably be the best for the job. I used non-diluted Nikka Pure Malt Black .. Wich is a Malt blend with heavy Sherry aroma.

The results were fantastic, we were 27 people at the party and 3 girls and 6 guys asked what Cologne I was using, they loved it. I told them and they were amazed.

It wasnt easy to put it on, a bit more hurting then the usual, and longer aswell. The smell changed constantly during a 4 hour session. It fanted after about 2 hours and was almost gone after the 4 :)

12 years ago

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Victor replied

A very entertaining story! Thanks for sharing.

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i ate a bit of my shaving cream once because it smelled like almonds... whisky-flavoured aftershave sounds even more delicious....

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drinix replied

@Eirikur genius! I love the idea. Alas I don't shave that often, but next time I will, I definitely have to try to "wear" a whisky ;).

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Shrike replied

NIce. Now you've tried it, would apply it differently?

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Shrike replied

*would you apply it differently?

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MFish85 replied

Cool idea, recently I noticed that the aftershave I use has a similar medicinal smell I pick up from Laphroaig.

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BlueNote replied

@WhiskyNotes, Interesting, but seems a waste of good whisky casks. I guess if one was desperate one could drink aftershave though.

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