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jeanluc started a discussion

2010 will be Connosr's first full year as a living social network and I'd like to create some community driven Whisky Awards (towards the end of the year). We have plenty of time but its good to start thinking early.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on possible categories... it's completely open at this stage though I'd like to limit it (so we don't have too many).

There are some obvious categories: 'Best New Scotch Whisky', 'Best New World Whisky' etc..

I'm also interested in alternative category ideas: 'Best Whisky for under £50' for example... let me know your thoughts.

14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

Ooh, the Connosr Whisky Awards, I like the sound of that :-) Categories could include a best of per region, for example? Let's not forget a Best Irish (wouldn't want to put that under 'world'). I also like the price-linked award - in Belgium some clubs even organise tastings like that (Battle of The Stunners, in which a stunner is a dram below 50 EUR).

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tonc replied

You might want to include a category "third party bottelings". You could also split them up in certain taste-profile categories, for example: peated non peated, sherry cask ... A separate category for Bourbon would be nice too.

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I'd go with something like:

Fav. 3-11 YO Fav. 12-17 YO Fav. 18+ YO Fav. Premium (200£+) Fav. Blend Fav. Peated whisky Fav. non-scotch Fav. inderpendent bottl.

Or something along those lines.

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jeanluc replied

Some great suggestions so far, thanks. Some other factors to consider:

  • Should the awards be just for new whiskies in the last year?

  • How the voting will be organised. For example: will each category have a shortlist and how do we get to that?

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