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Whisky bars/pubs in Edinburgh

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cowfish started a discussion

I'm off to Edinburgh for the Festival next week and rather than just running around all the good beer pubs that I know up there I think I need to drink some whisky this time. I know a few places that are good for a dram, but does anyone else have any recommendations?

My current list: SMWS Queen Street SMWS Leith Scotch Whisky Experience Bow Bar

11 years ago

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EvaRees replied

Bow Bar, like you said & also Whiski Bar, are worthwhile.

Bennets Bar — with embedded water taps for your whisky!

Raconteur bar in Stockbridge — A well curated selection, seemed to have something a little different from the rest. Some cocktails worth having. Another "hipster" bar like the Raconteur is the Bramble. Also fun.

Hotel du Vin has a "Whisky Snug" bar. It had some interesting bottles when we dropped in.

The Bon Vivant's Companion caught me by surprise. Really excellent staff.

SMWS tasting rooms were probably my personal highlight! In non-whisky, I liked BrewDog's bar in town a lot.

Have fun :)

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cowfish replied

@EvaRees I lived in the BrewDog bar last year, but on the beer front Holyrood 9a is my second favourite, although I've been recommended the Guildford Arms as another good beer pub. I also have black plastic framed glasses so they let me into Bramble :)

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