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We're rebuilding Connosr and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas

By Jean-Luc

With Connosr approaching its 5th birthday, we are pleased to announce that a major overhaul of the site is planned during 2014. This will be a complete rebuild of the site from the ground-up, a task which - as we are sure you will appreciate - is a significant undertaking. We’re calling the project "Connosr Reboot" and we want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Connosr Reboot

Over the coming weeks we will be announcing further details as we finalise a ‘roadmap’ for this update and future development.


Naturally we've reviewed the site, analysed the functionality and looked at the user journeys. We’ve assessed the creative and aesthetic qualities of the site. And we've taken into account the changes in web technology - particularly the emergence of mobile and tablet devices - and shifts in best practice since version 1.0 of Connosr was launched back in 2009.

We will be addressing the known issues which have been reported in the discussion areas in the past and generally improving the site in every way we can. Broadly speaking our objectives can be broken down as follows:

  • Updated design
  • Refresh of the Connosr brand
  • Improved usability
  • Better mobile and tablet support
  • Enhanced profile management features
  • Better social media integration
  • An overhaul of the whisky database with improved listing of new whiskies and brands
  • Better presentation of statistical data
  • Support for more user generated content and media types
  • Improved site performance and stability
  • Additional 'social' features and community moderation

Let's hear your thoughts

Before we finalise our plans we want to ask you for your input. So, what improvements and functionality would you like to see on Connosr?

  • How could we make the on-site experience better?
  • What tools would make the site more useful?
  • How could we increase user engagement and participation?
  • What features would you like to see?

All ideas and suggestions will be considered - no matter how "blue sky" the thinking is - they may not all be included immediately but it's much easier to plan for new features at this stage so let's hear your ideas.

Please post your feedback in the comments section below or if you’d rather submit your thoughts directly to us we’ve created a mailbox reboot@connosr.com

We'll be updating you throughout the redevelopment process and will be asking you for your input, hopefully involving some of you in the testing process, so if you're interested in assisting on any level please let us know.