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tonc started a discussion

Some months ago I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed. The last time I drank this I really liked it. This was several years ago. The problem is that the latest bottelings now have a bit of a bittersweet taste to it. Apparently Jim Murray likes this a lot, he gives this new batch over 90 points in his 2010 Whisky bible, but I really don't. Is anybody interested (preferably in Belgium) in swapping/buying this bottle? I bought it for 46 euros and there are around 5 (small) glasses emptied from it so not much. I will be glad to swap/sell it for 30-35 euros worth. I you like I can send a photo of the bottle to prove I am not trying to scam anyone.

14 years ago

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markjedi1 replied

@tonc, I'm interested in taking it off your hands. I'm in Ghent. You coming to the Whiskyfestival in Ghent on Saturday 6th Feb by any chance? Send me an e-mail and we can make arrangements.

14 years ago 0