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Whisky clubs in Edinburgh

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Tom92 started a discussion

Hi there, I have recently moved to Edinburgh from New Zealand. Does anyone out there know any whisky clubs? other than SMWS. Or great hidden whisky bars. I have taken to Bow Bar thus far.

14 days ago

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jeanluc replied

Hi @Tom92, I hope you're settling in to your new surroundings well. I'm not a frequent visitor to Edinburgh but I have heard good things about Canny Man's which looks pretty authentic and has a good selection.

Also, I see Whiski Bar and Whiski Rooms get mentioned on social media quite a bit too, they might worth checking out.

I'll asked around about proper Whisky Clubs in Edinburgh but do let us know if you discover anything interesting.

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Tom92 replied

Hey @jeanluc, thanks for the tips. I have heard of those two bars/rooms. They are recommended for tastings. Haven't heard of Canny man but will have a look out. Thank you, will do

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@Tom92 that's a big move. What brought you to Scotland? I'm an American, living in China, and would love to live in Glasgow or Ayr for a year or two. Did you get a work visa?

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Tom92 replied

@casualtorture yes very big move from New Zealand. Main reason for going Scotland was the Whisky. Work in hospo, so came over to work. 2 year youth work visa, so in UK til 2019. Should have a decent collection by then

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Hewie replied

@Tom92 All the best for settling on in with life over there (from a fellow Kiwi). My advice is that the 2 years will fly by - so be intentional in making the most of your time. Make a list of the places (distilleries) you really want to visit, plan it, and make it happen. It's a long (and expensive) way to go back once you're back home in NZ again. I look forward to hearing about your experiences over there. Do check up on how to bring your collection home again too.

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Tom92 replied

@Hewie thank you, it's a bit of adjustment to start with but here for just over a month and getting hang of things. The amount of pubs and their prices are awesome from nzd point of view. Will certainly be making the most of it. Try to work it so Aberlour, fav Whisky distillery or Glendronach are among the first I visit. Will keep you posted. Where in NZ are you?

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Hewie replied

@Tom92 Good stuff - I sent you a personal message. Keep us posted.

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