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Whisky pubs in Belgium

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charlie7 started a discussion

Similarly to the other message I just posted, I'm interested in learning where you can drink whisky (and I mean, where you have a decent selection to choose from, preferably without paying an arm and a leg) in Belgium.

So far I only found "Cafe Highlander" in Antwerpen (users.telenet.be/cafehighlander) but then again I haven't really searched for others yet... which ones do you know of?

14 years ago

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tonc replied

I heard about the Glengarray pub in Gent ( www.glengarry.be ) but I have never been there. They have more than 1000 whisky so you should have enough choice ;)

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markjedi1 replied

I have visited the Glengarry in Ghent myself and it's well worth your time (do bring enough money, for they have an amazing choice of vintages as well!).

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TommieJones replied

bosmolen.be is NOT a working link. I never fancied Bobs books (from Glengarry) but I will end up in his café one day.

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