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Wild Turkey 101

Give 'em the bird is right.

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@GotOak91Review by @GotOak91

13th Jul 2013


Wild Turkey 101
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This, personally, is a whiskey that takes me back a little as it was a symbol of a good time and it was the first whiskey I ever attempted to decipher. Age is believed to be between 6-8 years. (From multiple sources.) Anyways lets get to that review:

Color: A deep burnt red orange/orange.

Nose: Gentle yet sweet with caramel, brown sugar, and some toffee. Sweet corn also shines through. Not a lot going on here but that can be deceiving.

Body: Medium-rich coats the tongue and mouth with a gentle tingle on the tongue. The 101 proof is showing its strength.

Taste: A little bit of butterscotch and caramel at the beginning. But it feels that something sinister is a foot as less sweet notes come along. Notes of pepper, rye, charred oak, mint, and specks of alcohol. Not in a negative fashion, its more of reminder that this is a part of Kentucky's finest.

Finish: This whiskey has one of my favorite finishes as drying-spicy elements of rye and pepper take over immediately and lasts longer in the way of warmth.

Overall: An excellent whiskey for less than $20. It is also a whiskey that is what it advertises, a no prisoner, high proof bourbon with a reasonable amount of rye in its mashbill. This isn't a whiskey for a beginner even though it is at beginner prices. But I thoroughly enjoy this whiskey and any seasoned high proof bourbon drinker might enjoy it too.

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