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Wild Turkey Forgiven?

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sengjc started a discussion

Apparently a whole heap of these got dumped into Australia for a very reasonable price (as far as Australian whiskey goes). Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this before I launch into a bottle.

My research online show that the reviews are quite mixed.

9 years ago

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Benancio replied

@sengjc. I just returned to New Mexico from a trip to Florida. When ever I go on a travel I look for Scotch and Bourbon I don't see at home. I came across "Forgiven" at 91 proof limited edition for $50. WT101 bourbon and WT101Rye are two of favorite whisks. "Forgiven" on the bottle said it was a blend of bourbon and rye. I can blend the two myself for $19. I do hope somebody pulls the trigger, buys it and posts a review. If they wanted to make a limited edition they should have put it out at "Stagg" proof. Just my opinion.

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sengjc replied

Ok, I think I'll pass on the forgiven then.

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Benancio replied

@sengjc If you can get “Forgiven” close to the Russell’s Reserve price, get it. What is a reasonable price?

I love what Jimmy Russell has produced. I’m upset with some of the decisions Wild Turkey has made. I love WT bourbons especially the 101. I use to love the WT 101 Rye.
Wild Turkey took the 101 Rye off the market a few years ago and replaced it with an 81 proof. Not as good, this was a huge mistake. I’ve talked to many of people that are upset, bartenders that had to switch to a different product. Raise the price don’t pull it off the shelves. WT 101 Rye is better than Russell’s Reserve Rye, In my humble opinion.

The issue I have with WT, is they labeled “Forgiven” as limited edition. It’s not a new mash bill. It’s their bourbon and rye blended. Their bourbon is awesome, their rye is awesome. If I want bourbon I drink bourbon. I feel blending them would diminish the original, rye or bourbon. To me this appears like attempt by WT to dump substandard barrels by blending them, applying a fancy label and over charging.
If WT wants to made a limited edition, do what Buffalo Trace is doing.

If Jimmy Russell came out with a 132% proof version of Wild Turkey, I’d jump at the chance to buy a bottle. Barrels selected by Jimmy of 16, 18y versions, I’d be all over that.

Blending their bourbon and rye and charging double the price, they should ask for “Forgiveness”.

Rant Off.

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