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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Bourbon and Serrano

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@valuewhiskyReview by @valuewhisky

29th Dec 2012


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Note: review is from a 50 ml miniature bottle.

Nose: corn, oak, barrel char, vanilla. When I've had Rare Breed before, I've always particularly enjoyed the red-fruit notes I get, but I can't find them this time. Wait, there it is! It's a nice round nice with depth, and the red-fruit is discernable.

Palate: there's vanilla and corn sweetness, and fair body, then pow! there is the Serrano pepper. Rare Breed tingles the lips and tongue like no other whisky - much like eating a piece of Serrano pepper. Only drink this if you like spicy food. Again, I'm having trouble finding the red-fruit notes I remember so distinctly. Maybe I just had a great batch last time.

Finish: massive oak, spice, and barrel char. Minimal sweetness.

I like Rare Breed. Without question, I prefer it over Wild Turkey101, which I find a bit too rough and simple. Rare Breed is by no means easy and smooth, and is definitely spicier than 101, but it still seems more refined and is definitely more complex and enjoyable overall. That said, this isn't a must have for me at its price - $36 where I live compared to $23 for the 101. I'll generally pass on both to be honest, but wouldn't turn down a dram of either.

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