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Wild Turkey Rare Breed

Rare indeed

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@Pete1969Review by @Pete1969

18th Aug 2015


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Colour dark copper/mahogany

Bottle open 1 month 95% full, was a bit closed freshly opened.

Nose: left to settle in in glass for ten minutes and the rich caramel, toffee aroma is flowing out of the glass and can smell from a couple of feet away. Still slight alcohol on nose when Glencairn brought to nose but fades into luscious buttery toffee, oak and wood spices ,cinnamon and nutmeg to the fore with cloves tagging behind counterbalanced with dark dried fruits. Loving this before I even taste it.

Palate: wow, everything from the nose but delivered with such grace and balance it is majestic, sweet taste moving through spiced fruits without ever getting too spicy the alcohol is not present on the palate with the high proof never showing itself. Oak with a bit of leather in the background just adding to the complexity but never detracting by overpowering as a sweet orange citrus comes along and just marries it all together. This is a true masterclass of barrel selection and vatting.

Finish: lovely warm caressing finish which I never want to end and several minutes after the sip I start to wonder if it will. Long and warming the thick viscous nature of the liquid has coated my mouth and even after the fluid has been swallowed still getting the aromas wafting from the back of the mouth into nose.

I am a big fan of the 101 as a regular sipper the Rare Breed knocks the socks off it at every level, it is worth £30 hell yeah. Would I get a bottle of this instead of 2 bottles of 101, everyday of the week and twice on Sunday's is what my heart tells me but my head says no. I have heard the newer 112proof is not rated as highly so will be keeping my eyes open for another bottle or three of this before it all goes. A must have for every bourbon fan and IMHO any whisky lover should have a bottle of this on his shelf.

Batch: WT-03RB 108.2 proof

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Benancio commented

@Pete1969 A most excellent review for a most excellent bourbon. I always keep this in the bar along with the 101. Is it twice as good IDK, but it is pretty dam good, I'll buy two on Sunday. Rare breed batches have varied between 108 and 112, if you find a batch you like get them all! I picked up a 112 a 6 months ago and it opened up nicely, every bit as good as most other batches. Jimmy Russel does a better job than most with batch consistency.

Rare Indeed!

5 years ago 0

Pete1969 commented

@benancio thanks for the kind words not hard too give an excellent review when the product is this good. I first had this on a bourbon night with friends who hadn't enjoyed the 101 8yr travel retail and I had to agree didn't match the 101 NAS I previously bought ( got 4 in the cupboard now, not making that mistake again) When we got to the WTRB it had put them off so I cracked a bottle of FR1B for them which is a favourite of mine and they all loved it. The bonus is I now have this all too myself ???? instead of the half bottle I would have been left with. Good to hear the 112 opens up nicely means I can delay buying more as already in the doghouse with wife for the growing whisky collection.

5 years ago 0

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