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J.P Wiser's 18 Year Old

Liquid Desert

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@AboutChoiceReview by @AboutChoice

4th Apr 2011


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Canadian whiskey is light by design, and should not be judged among other whiskey types, such as bourbon, Irish or Scotch. Canadian whiskey is usually blended, and begins with a very light and fairly neutral corn base, to which a very small amount of flavoring grain whiskey, such as rye, is added. Later the whiskey can be matured in any type of cask they choose … but often these are used bourbon barrels. Wiser’s 18 is blended Canadian whiskey, that is aged for a staggering 18 years … quite long for this type of whiskey, and interesting to taste this extended aging result on such a light blend to begin with. Unfortunately not much more information is readily available from the distiller, other than their recommendation that it be enjoyed sipped. Other Wiser expressions are the DeLux, Legacy, Small Batch, and Special Blend.

The bottle is an elegant and authoritative, heavy square glass rectangular cube, which confidently signals that the contents command respect.

Bottle Nose: Butter cream icing, vanilla, butterscotch, sugar cookie, nuts, dates, bananas foster and a good deal of old wood.

Glass Nose: With a bit of water and time, we coax out similar aromas to the bottle nose, but more subdued. And if you wait long enough, you might even notice some bourbon-like oak and caramel.

Palate: Butter cream icing, vanilla, butterscotch, honey, sugar cookie, lemon and wood. Other than the unmistakable signature Canadian taste, the Wiser’s 18 taste summary is that of sugary pastry. Add a bit of water to round the peppery edge and lower the calorie rush.

Finish: Amazing smooth and balanced, medium finish, with a lip-smacking and slightly peppery, satisfying sweetness, followed by some cleansing and lingering orange and grapefruit rind.

Conclusion: Wiser’s 18 is sometimes almost cloying sweet, but never like a liqueur or a honey whiskey … but I am not at all complaining … after all, how many whiskies can claim this glorious amount of balanced sweetness !? IMO, there are not many top-shelf Canadian whiskies, but if you are serious about whiskey, you might as well include one of the best Canadians in your collection. Wiser’s 18 would be a perfect top-shelf change of pace to your favorite lighter Irish whiskey or Speyside malt … especially for those relaxing summer months.

At about 45 USD, this is a great value for an 18-year bottle. Of the very few top-shelf Canadians I have tasted, only Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve is a respected peer … albeit quite different. My score is 91/100 in the Canadian category … thus leaving room for all those other motley & tantalizing Canadian bottles that @dbk and other Connosr Canadians are unearthing :)

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AboutChoice commented

This is a review for Wiser's 18 Blended Canadian Whiskey (the distiller's name did not appear in the title). Here is a link to the bottle: wisers.ca/portfolio

12 years ago 0

HP12 commented

@AboutChoice Nice review. Your tasting notes certainly validate the title of "Liquid Dessert". Looks like a good choice to have in the cabinet for those sweet moods and for those unsure about whiskey and need an "easy" introduction.

12 years ago 0

michaelschout commented

I'm glad you mentioned the bottle because it's one of my favourite whisky bottles ever. I've never had the pleasure of trying a dram, but after this review I might need to make it my next whisky purchase.

12 years ago 0

dbk commented

Fun review, @AboutChoice! I'm glad you could get your mitts on this one. You'll just have to plan a trip north for more ; ) Perhaps then you'll taste some Danfield's 21 year-old (also about $45) or Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve?

12 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

Sweet review AboutChoice. I too have a fondness for this "top shelf" Canadian whisky. It is reasonably priced ($55 Ontario). I have become enamored with the younger sibling - Wiser's Legacy. Legacy is presented in the same square-shouldered bottle. No hints of neutral bases or "brown vodka" in this younger offering, it is a "rye whisky" and 45% abv. By far my favorite Canadian. At $85 (per 750 ml in Ontario) you won't be buying it by the case, but a bargain when compared to Wiser's Red Letter 150th Anniversary ($150 Ontario - worthy of the title, yet overpriced). Legacy is for sipping only - more pepper and spice than the other Wiser's. I was weaned on Seagram's Waterloo whiskies, but Wiser's has managed to win me over.

12 years ago 0

Reece3253 commented

A very nice whisky i've onlytasetd on one occasion. I would give this to anyne who only mixes to pull them over to the "sipping" side. Sadly I believe my cousin is a rum fan so the rest of it was probably mixed by his friends.... what a shame.. Damn good stuff for a reasonable price.

12 years ago 0

AboutChoice commented

@Reece3253, the Wiser's 18 sure is a "best buy". There are many wonderful sipping rums, but there you also have the same issue ... the rum and coke folks are in the majority :)

12 years ago 0

paddockjudge commented

Price has increased in Ontario to $64.75/750ml bottle.

12 years ago 0

Megawatt commented

Nice review. I like how you include a section for "bottle nose." Nosing from the bottle emphasized the wood characteristics even more, I find.

12 years ago 0

Requiem commented

I absolutely love this whisky, and, as mentioned above, the bottle is also glorious: square thick clear glass. Very classy looking to match the gorgeous contents.

12 years ago 0

sengjc commented

Many years have passed since and now this is available in Australia. First appeared circa 2016 at the princely price of around AUD $80-90 a bottle, recently they've started to become heavily discounted to AUD $55 a bottle.

Thank you gentlemen, reading through your past comments, I think I'll take a punt and get a bottle to see how it goes. At this price point, I think there's little to lose.

6 years ago 0

Victor commented

@sengjc, which other of the premium Canadians do you have in your cabinet or available to you in Oz?

6 years ago 0

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